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The Gay Scouts
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To see the cast of characters click hereThe Gay ScoutsCopyright � 2010 by Sasquatch
Chapter 19 � Tuesday � The Last of Rob�s Training � Work on Swim Meet
Morning rolls around and TJ and I shower and he cleans himself out real well, for the activities we have planned for salve Rob. We both drink 2 large glasses of water.
TJ wakes Rob up and releases him from his restraints and puts them away, while I release Rob from chastity, it takes all of five seconds for Rob to get hard.
I look at TJ and comment, �It looks like this slave needs to jack off do you think we should let him?�
TJ thinks for about 30 seconds and states, �Why not he�s been a well behaved slave.�
I look at Rob and tell him, �Ok, slave you can beat off.�
Rob immediately grabs his hard-on and starts to pound away.
TJ interjects, �Wait I think that I anti child slavery have a better idea.�
I command, �salve stop!� and Rob stops in mid stroke.
TJ explains, �I think that he deserves more pleasure than that, why don�t you and I 69 and he can fuck my ass and cum until he goes soft.�
�Sounds like a good idea and child sex mpeg fun for all of us.� I state.
I lay on the bed and TJ straddles my arms starts nursing on my cock while I enjoy his. I reach up and spread his cheeks and pull his anus open with my fingers. Rob gets in position and places the head of his cock in the stretched anal opening and pushes in until his pubes are rubbing TJ�s children naturist pictures ass crack, pauses and starts fucking TJ�s ass as fast as he can.
In about 45 seconds he buries his rod into TJ and groans as he releases his first load into TJ�s secret passageway. Ten seconds later he is again pumping furiously into TJ. This time he lasts almost 2 minutes before he hoses another load into TJ.
This time the pause is longer almost a minute before he start pumping again and he seems to be in better control and using different techniques to give TJ pleasure. Ten minutes later TJ and I are ready to explode and by the sounds Rob is making he is almost there too. I unleash my flow into TJ�s mouth hot child nude and he rewards me with his.
The contractions of TJ�s children incest sex ass muscles sends Rob over the top flooding TJ�s bowels with his third offering and he collapses on top of TJ.
I finish draining TJ and scoot out from under him as Rob is starting to recover, I inquire, �Rob are you going soft?� and he responds, �Yes Sir.� I instruct him to remain in TJ until he has softened and instruct him in fletching, and that when he pulls out he is to immediately fletch TJ.
Rob slowly pulls out of TJ�s anus and immediately starts licking his cum off TJ�s thighs, perineum, scrotum and anus. After about a 2 minutes of this I have Rob lay on his back and TJ straddle him and sit on his mouth so that the cum will drain into Rob�s mouth. Rob is busily licking childrens naked gils and sucking on TJ to get all of his cum out of TJ�s anus.
By now both TJ and Rob are hard again and I motion to TJ to 69 with Rob. TJ leans forward to suck on Rob child erotic free which removes his ass from Rob�s mouth and offers him his cock. As they both are sucking each other I move up behind TJ and enter him. I slow fuck him until I feel the contraction that kidsporn children tells me he is feeding Rob, which pushes me over the top and I inject my offering into TJ.
After I pull out TJ sits up pulling his cock out of Rob�s mouth and again offers him his ass to fletch. Rob works TJ�s ass with his mouth and tongue for another four minutes childs masturbation movie before I call a halt.
As TJ and Rob climb off of the bed, TJ comments that he needs child anal fuck
to take a piss. I look at Rob questionably and ask, �Rob, incest porno childsex are you willing?� He responds, �Yes Sir; I am.� as he kneels down.
TJ is looking from Rob to me with confusion child porn hentai
on his face. I explain to TJ that Rob has agreed to drink his piss; obviously, TJ has forgotten our earlier conversation about water sports and why we both drank two glasses of water.
TJ walked over to Rob, who took his flaccid cock in his mouth. It took TJ at least 15 seconds to start his flow and I could see Rob hurriedly swallowing to keep up. When TJ was finished I offered Rob my cock and commented, �Use your lips to squeeze and control the flow to make it easier to swallow and breathe.� Rob nodded his head as I started my flow.
When I finished I had Rob stand up at present. I commented, �Rob for your first time as a slave you have done very well, better than a lot of slaves with months of training, you are to be congratulated. Today we have a lot of things to accomplish, to get ready for the swim meet and I am going to release you early form you slavery so hot xxx children that you can help. Rob release.� Rob relaxed and came over and hugged me, saying, �Thank you for the lessons, I really appreciate what you have shown me the last couple of days, it has made me appreciate what it means to be a slave.�
I responded, �You are welcome and can come to funlumpkins child hardcore child bikini pics me at any time with questions or just to talk about it. You and TJ need to go shower and get dressed then take care of the horses. I will do the same and get breakfast ready.�
I decided that I wanted to try a recipe that I found online Deep-Fried Poached Eggs with Creamed Spinach and Serrano Ham, I don�t have any Serrano ham, so I will use prosciutto instead. I will also make pan toasted Texas Toast. I also doubled both the number of eggs and made a � pound of ham.
I got the coffee brewing, started on breakfast. About 35 minutes later Rob and TJ returned and wash up, then start setting the table and got out the milk and juices. I had the breaded poached eggs ready for their final frying and when the hot child nude boys showed up I started grilling the Texas Toast. The spinach was ready and I fried the ham and child topsites
then the eggs. I plated the spinach and added three eggs to Rob�s and TJ�s plates and most of the ham to both. The Texas toast was ready I buttered them and I cut them diagonally arranging them on a small platter and headed for the table.
We finished breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen and dining area and headed for my office so we could start planning for the swim meet.
I assigned TJ the job of contacting all of the swim team members to let them know what had happened and where the meet was going to be held, get their email addresses so we could send information. I also told him to contact anyone on blowjob child the other teams he knew so we could get contact information for them. I created a special email address for the swim team in a special section under the Pathfinder�s public area so that anyone who needed to could access it with their login. I had sent all of the Committee logins with child incest pictures my report.
I sent Rob out with a 50 foot tape incest porno childsex measure to plan out where the changing tents and food tent would be putas child located. I would have one Porta-Potty for each ukraine children nude changing tent and 10 over by the fence for the spectators. I also wanted him to map out where the spectator boundaries would be so the team areas could be cordoned off. I wanted him to figure out where the Statistical Tent should be located. Then coordinate it with TJ and come up with a final layout.
I wanted a registration desk near the entrance for the teams and a sign children nacked in sheet for the spectators, so we would know who was there, who was with them and give them a copy of the waiver of liability I would have George prepare for me. If they didn�t want to sign in, essentially signing the waver, then they wouldn�t be allowed to stay to watch the meet since it was on private property � mine.
I drafted an email with the information about the meet and created attachments with maps of how to get to my property, and a site map. I included the new swim team picture sexy child email address and asked that all inquiries be directed to this email address so all information could be coordinated.
I checked my emails and had about 30 relating to the swim meet, I called George and talked to him about the waiver and he agreed children naturist pictures it was a good idea and would have one for me later today. I told him about the email account and that I wanted to set up a login for his legal assistances so they could either handle the questions or refer it to the person who could. I told him that I was preparing a generic email with information that could be chiliean miner mistress
sent out for most of the responses and would send it to his assistances later today after I had reviewed it with TJ, Rob and Coach.
TJ and Rob came in and we discussed the layout. The spectator area would be on child incest nude the long side of the �L� and the changing tents behind that area, the entrance to the changing tents would be restricted and fenced off in the front and there would be an exit into the team area behind the tents at the bottom of the �L�. The team and spectator registration area would be just porn chil pics inside the child girls porn gates from the field I had designated for parking, spectators on one side and team on the other. The teams and coaches would be given a lanyard with and ID Badge to wear and all spectators a breakaway wrist band even babies.
The food tent would be between the entrance and the changing tents.
All spectators and teams who brought coolers would have them inspected and would have to eat in the food child girls porn tent, but could have drinks in the spectator area. There would be no alcoholic beverages allowed.
There would be a low fence down the length of the pool to keep the spectators out of the pool area and a flexible roll fence, to keep the spectators out of the team areas and the changing tents.
Rob had placed the statistical tent up on the patio where it would be out of traffic. TJ had also added a table for distribution of water and healthy snacks for the teams at the end of the short leg of the �L� for the teams.
I called coach and we discussed the asian child thumbs email and made a few changes suggested by TJ and Rob.
We drove the 4-wheeler out to the work shed and I gave them a couple of bundles of stakes, a small sledge hammer, each a pair of work gloves and a 500 foot tape measure. Their task was to stake out the parking spaces. I wanted the spaces to be 15 feet wide and 20 feet deep and the area near the entrance reserved for buses. The driving isles were to be 30 feet wide. TJ asked how long buses were and I responded, �Allow 40 feet for length and 25 feet for width, just to be sure.� We drove back to the house and I went to my office to work on the site plan while they laid out child anal fuck
the parking.
While I was working on the site plan I got a call it was Frank (Butcher Frank) inquiring about a food tent. I assured him that there was one; as the mothers were planning a bake sale. He said that he wanted to bring his big towed grill and towed refrigerator to sell food like he did at the rodeos and fairs, and that he was donating the proceeds to the Pathfinders. I thanked him and said I would send him the site plan later today when I had finished it and that he could bring his grill and refrigerator over Friday afternoon after the tents were set up; and to please send an email to the address I gave him so that he would be on the mailing list. I asked him to include the menu and prices so I could have some signs made up, for posting in the food tent.
I then told him about the 300 � 8 oz water bottles and the healthy children incest sex
snacks and fresh fruit I wanted for the swimmers, which I was donating. He told me that he had the water in his stock room and the snacks and I could pick them up any time, that he would bring the fresh fruit on Friday.
TJ and Rob came back with the parking layout and they had room for 30 busses and 200 cars. I marked off two fucked children pictures of the bus spots closest to the gates for ambulances and added this to the site plan. I then sent copies of the site plan and mother child porno response email to all of the committee members; the Pathfinders and of course Butcher Frank.
It was after 11 and I gave Rob enough money to pay for the water and snacks and told him to meet us at �Grandma�s� restaurant for lunch. He and TJ would take care of that after lunch while I ran some other funlumpkins child hardcore errands.
We had some of Grandma�s savory pot roast with all the trimmin�s for lunch and French Apple pie alamode for desert. As we finished desert Grandma came to our table and asked the server for our check and tore it up. When I protested that I could blowjob child
afford to pay, she politely children raped porno informed me that I was doing a community service and it was the least she could do to help pay back for the work and effort I was putting in for the boys of the Pathfinders and the members of the swim team.
She also told me she was donating a half a dozen pies and a half a dozen cakes to the bake sale and that she was going to be there to help serve on Saturday. I thanked her and gave her a hug and so did Rob and TJ.
Rob and forbidden child pics TJ headed off for Butcher Frank�s to get the water and snacks, I told them to put the water on the patio by the ice machines and store the snacks in the outside cabinets. I headed for Tom�s hardware store.
I purchased several small stock tanks, and a dozen plastic 55 gallon barrels to use for trash. I spoke with Will, Tom�s forbidden child pics
assistant and inquired if he knew of someone who could provide the tents child pussy preview for the dressing rooms, food tent and statistic tent as child nudity photo well as some tables and benches for all of it.
He thought for a minute and said that on such short notice he couldn�t guarantee it but Miguel Sanchez was his recommendation as he was the most reliable and least expensive. He gave me Miguel�s phone number and said that he would deliver the stock tanks and barrels between 4 and 5 today.
When I returned to my truck I called Miguel and explained what I was doing and what I needed to be set up on Friday and acknowledged that I was willing to pay a perineum for such short notice. He told me that there would be no perineum and that he would give me a 25% discount as it was for the community. He explained that he also had the Porta-Potties and just childiren seks collection received 20 new ones and would use them, that he could set up the tents and deliver the Porta-Potties Friday morning starting at 8 with no problem and that he would be able to remove everything Sunday between 10 and 2.
I told him I didn�t want to have stakes driven into my lawn if it could be avoided and he explained that he used 55 gal barrels and all he needed was water to fill them. I explained that I had cisterns and plenty of non-potable water he could use, I told him to email me a contract and I would sign it and return by email a signed copy back to him. He told me that the price he had quoted was firm and that he knew who I was and that a contract was not necessary as he trusted me. I thanked him and headed home.
When I tits childs photos arrived child nudity photo home, Rob was just pulling his car out of the back yard and closing the gates. After I pulled into the garage I found Rob and TJ waiting for me in my office. Rob asked if there was anything else I wanted him to do and I told him no. It was only 2:30, but I told Rob that he was free to go whenever he wanted to. TJ asked Rob if he would drop him and his bike off at his house as there were a few things that he wanted to pick up. I asked him what time he would be back so that I could plan supper and he told me between 5:30 and 6:00.
When Rob and TJ left the house felt empty and I missed having the boys, especially TJ, around and realized how attached I had become to him.
I had no idea that TJ really didn�t need anything, but that it was an excuse for him to be alone with Rob so that they could make plans.
I got to work on the swim meet and the time flew by.
TJ returned with another backpack and after we ate we spent child porn russia
a couple of more hours coordinating things for the swim meet.
We spend and enjoyable hour frisking around in bed before we snuggled and went to sleep.Continued
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